Roughriders News · Hey, Roeper Soccer Fans! Ride Share Info.

Do you want to cheer on the soccer team at this Friday night’s 10/26 regional final soccer game? We can’t get a fan bus, but our Roeper community wants to get as many fans as possibly to cheer on the team. So, people who are planning to go can volunteer to drive those without a ride to the game. Game starts 7 pm at Lansing Christian.

Are you going to the game and have some extra room in your car? Use this link to let people know you can offer a ride:

Do you NEED a ride to the game? You can check out the spreadsheet above and try to find a ride and/or you can fill out your info on the sheet below to try to get a ride:

We hope to get AS MANY people there as possible!

Go Roeper!