Roughriders News · Alexis Johnson ’17 – Unstoppable Star

Alexis Johnson, Class of 2017, wasted no time in making her mark in the Track & Field Record books at Wittenberg University.

As a current Junior, she now holds THREE school records and is “waiting” to grab the outdoor triple jump record. She is first in the nation for D3 schools in long jump and 6th for triple jump “as of now,” and has been selected the NCAC “Athlete of the Week” twice this year.

Alexis received a lot of recruitment letters from Wittenberg, along with other NCAC schools, but it was Wittenberg that she visited first.  She said, “I went to about 6 other schools and we just kept comparing those schools to Wittenberg, so it kind of made it obvious that Wittenberg was for me.”

What made Alexis stay is that she loves the team and coaches. “Everyone wants it just as bad as everyone else — which is really nice.  We push ourselves and work hard for it.  It’s hard to find another team that does that.”

Alexis has enjoyed a lot of highlights but her favorite memory is from her first meet this year.  On her first jump she whipped out a 5.67m.  Instead of getting excited with her team, she looked at them like, “Did I really do that, because I never thought I could,” and then the whole team was like, “mmmm yeah!!!   That was a really cool moment for Alexis. And, at her last meet when she was on her third jump, the whole team ran over yelling and started a slow clap which helped her get her national leading jump of 5.81m.

What’s next for Alexis?  Heading to NC to compete at nationals where, in true grit, Alexis-style, she hopes to bring back an All-American trophy, if not the National Champion trophy.

Go, Alexis!