Roughriders News · Roeper Upper School Sports Banquet 2020

Please Join Us for this years Roeper Upper School Sports Banquet 2020!

 The banquet will appear on on Friday, June 5th starting at 7pm.

  • It must be viewed on a Chrome browser or download the NFHS Network app            
  • Go to, type Roeper in the search bar and click our school
  • Scroll down and click “on demand”
  • Starting on Friday at 7pm the event will appear as Roeper Sports Banquet, you can click it and enjoy the presentation.
  • The event will not show up until Friday at 7pm, if you get there early you may have to hit the refresh button
  • This is free, you can rewind, pause, and fast forward the video and watch it as many times for as long as you wish.

 Time stamps for your convenience:

0:00-5:00 Welcome, Booster Club announcement, Super Booster Award

5:00       Varsity Baseball- Todd Dunfield

10:15      Varsity Girls Soccer- Mike Ruddy

13:10      Varsity Track- Ed Sack

19:45     Varsity Golf- Scott Carmona

23:30     JV Boys Basketball- Brian Hewitt

33:20    Varsity Boys Basketball- Laddie Andahazy

46:40    Varsity Girls Basketball- Andrea Collins

57:20    Varsity Boys Soccer- Ed Sack

1:08:30 Varsity Boys Cross Country- Todd Dunfield

1:13       Varsity Volleyball- Emma Hegel

1:19       JV Volleyball- Talon Bialik Cheng

1:23:20  Iron Athlete, Scholar Athletes, Sportsmanship Athletes, and Athletes of the Year