How to order a Varsity Jacket or Varsity Sweater

Plan ahead as it usually takes at least two months for you to receive the jacket.

Step 1- Contact our Neff representative, Currey Dearmit, at, 810-300-4610.

Here is a link to the Varsity Jacket Order Form The Roeper Varsity Jacket Order form

Step 2- Be prepared with the following information.  Size of jacket, we have been provided samples to try on, decide how will the name be embroidered (first name, last name, first initial/last name, etc..), year of graduation.

Step 3- Remember to order a Roeper “R” Varsity letter and any patches that your athlete has participated in, for an extra cost you can add their jersey number inside the sport specific patch.


The cost of the jacket ranges between 300-400 dollars depending on how many patches are ordered and if any special requests have been made.

This Just In!!!! Varsity Sweaters check it out!

Order Request for The Roeper Letter Sweater (